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How to Set Up Mac OS X (10.0-10.1) for Dial-up Access
  1. From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.

  2. Click the Network icon located in the Internet & Network section.

  3. Click the arrow box on the Show pop-up list and choose Internal Modem.
  4. Click on the TCP/IP tab.
  5. Click the arrow box on the Configure pop-up list and choose Using PPP.
  6. Leave the Domain Name Servers text box blank.
  7. Leave the Search Domains text box blank.
  8. Click on the PPP tab.
  9. In the Account Name field, type your username, not like your email address.
    (e.g. username = jamesbond
    email address  = jamesbond@southwest.net)
  10. In the Password field, type your password
  11. In the Telephone Number field, type the local access number.
    • Please check with your local telephone company to make sure that the access number that you are dialing is a local, toll-free call. We assume no responsibility for local toll or long distance charges incurred for the use of our service.
    • When you enter the access number, type it exactly as you would dial it from your home phone.
    • Do not include a 1 or the area code unless you have to dial it to make a local call from your home telephone.
    • If you are dialing from a hotel, office, or other phone system that requires you to dial a digit such as 9 to get an outside line, insert that number before the access number.
    • To disable call waiting while using the internet, insert the call waiting defeat code (usually *70) before the access number. Note: only insert this code if you have call waiting on the line you will connect with. Check with your phone company to determine the code to use for your line.
  12. Check the box next to Save password.
  13. In the Alternate Number field, type another local
  14. Click the PPP Options button.
  15. Check the box next to Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications.
  16. Uncheck the box next to Prompt to stay connected.
  17. Uncheck the box next to Disconnect if idle.
  18. Check the box next to Disconnect when user logs out.
  19. Click the OK button.
  20. Click on the Proxies tab.
  21. Uncheck all the boxes.
  22. Click on the Modem tab.
  23. Click the arrow box on the Modem pop-up list and choose your modem (e.g. Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) for Macs with built-in modems).
  24. Check the box next to Enable error correction and compression in modem.
  25. Check the box next to Show modem status in menu bar.
  26. Click the Apply Now button.
  27. Close the Network window.


You have now successfully finished your dial up setup.




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