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Multiple, Layered Anti-SPAM Protection

A brief description of our technology to fight SPAM

Netstar Communications is proud to employ one of the most advanced email servers in the world. Originally brewed in our Lake Forest, California labs and now using one the most advanced email servers in the world, Netstar Communications has always been on the leading edge of the electronic communications technology. To fight the ever growing problem of unsolicited e-mail (SPAM), our e-mail servers employ the best of the breed technologies and our engineers are working on exciting new anti-spam software and technology.
Below is a brief description of our technologies currently employed:

Bayesian Filtering
The first layer in Netstar Mail Server's anti-spam protection is a Bayesian filter that statistically calculates the probability that each inbound message is spam. Because it is measuring probabilities, the Bayesian approach considers all the content in an email, both good and bad. The Bayesian filter-based engine is automatically trained and updated via a spam database that is uploaded to the server, and/or trained manually.

Heuristic Analysis
The next Anti Spam layer utilizes SpamAssassin technology to heuristically examine each message against hundreds of time-tested rules and checks. Each message receives a score based on the likelihood that it is spam. This filtering is completely automated, but spam-scoring thresholds are customizable. It also integrates directly with the Bayesian filter and offers many additional features, such as complete spam message reporting, header reporting and much more.

Challenge-Response Mechanism
The last line of defense is an optional Challenge-Response mechanism, the most foolproof spam blocking method known to block 100% of computer-generated spam. If the SpamAssassin and Bayesian filters cannot definitively prove that a message is or is not spam, a challenge message is sent to the message originator. The sender is presented with an embedded link in the message. Once the user clicks on this link and enters the displayed code, their message and all of their future messages will be allowed.

Additional Anti spam Protection:

SPF (Sender Policy Framework)
Netstar Mail Server features support for Sender Policy Framework (SPF), an anti spam measure designed to fight email address forgery. SPF verifies the authenticity of the sender's FROM address by performing a DNS query to verify that the sending server is authorized to send email on behalf of that address. This method is still not adopted by a large percentage of all email servers in the world.

SURBLs (Spam URI Realtime Blocklist)
Unlike the use of RBLs, which filter on the From email address only, SURBLs allow you to filter and block messages based on spam domains that appear in message body URIs (usually web sites), the message bodies.

White and Black Lists
White and Black lists allow you to define which email addresses are permitted or denied. Lists can be administered by users or administrators via Netstar WebMail, and addresses can be added via the Challenge-Response Mechanism - e.g., if a message originator verifies himself as a legitimate source he or she can automatically be added to the white list.

Email Content Filtering
Netstar Mail Server has a very powerful and intuitive email content filtering tool. Filter incoming and outgoing emails based on a number of variables including, subject, sender and/or recipient, key words in the text, and more, through a user-friendly interface. Set the content filter to forward, delete, reject or allow messages. Can be administered by users or administrators via Netstar WebMail.

HTML Filtering
Accurately filters 99% of all html spam messages using sophisticated rule sets. A common spamming technique is to send messages in all HTML format, which prevents most message body scans from reading data correctly. These filters ensure that these messages are examined and spam is identified. HTML filters are updated with new Netstar Mail Server software releases to reflect new HTML spam tendencies.

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