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Using your Anti-SPAM control panel

Black/White lists and SpamFolder Mode

If you are not using the spam filtering system of our email server, you are losing a lot of time and having unnecessary aggravation. Sure it may need a little getting used to, but it will make your email box a lot cleaner than if you would have not turn on its features.

Below you will find a short version of how to get the anti-spam filter to work for you. Remember that this is a system that has built-in intelligence but also learns about what to do and not to do as you train it.

Emphasize of this document is on the black/white listing of people (and automated machines) sending you email.

Once you have someone in your white or black list, the server remembers what to do with their email. A black listed email address will not be able to send you email anymore and a white listed email address is to tell the server that it is an address that is allowed to send you mail.

You only need to use these two lists in case that the server has identified a sender by mistake. So if a sender is supposed to send you mail and our server has identified it by mistake as a spam email, you should white list them, etc.

We hope this short document makes getting the most out of this service for you easier than ever.

Do not use your outlook or any other email that you use to check your email for now.

Log in to your mail box residing on our server using your internet explorer software: http://webmail.southwest.net:32000/mail or
using secure SSL connection https://webmail.southwest.net:32001/mail

Enter your email address and your password in the required fields

This is your email box and the control panel on our server.

To the left of the screen you see a list of folders

Inbox folder is the first box you are presented with after login. Here you will see a list of all email sent to you that you have not yet retrieved to your local email software such as outlook.

By clicking on the checkbox to the left of the email listed here, you can perform various tasks on them. Multiple selections at a time are allowed.

One of the tasks here is white listing a sender. White listing is a method of telling the server that the sender here is a sender that you trust and not to Tag any email received from this sender as [Spam].

Another method is black listing a sender that does exactly the opposite of white listing. Meaning it will tag any email coming in from this sender to you as [SPAM].

Other operations you can do using this drop down menu is moving messages to different folders.
Do not forget to click on OK after you made your selection.

A very important section on webmail system is the Settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the menu item "Settings".

Once there, on the left of your screen you will find a menu. Click on the Anti Spam.

Choose the Use Spam Folder, if it is not yet selected.

This will collect all the mail that our Anti-Spam system recognizes as spam in a folder only accessible from here. (Your outlook or other email program will not be able to access this folder). By using this feature you will not receive any mail that is collected in the spam folder by your local software such as outlook.

It is important to log in here often to train the system about legitimate email that is mistakenly tagged as Spam using the “white list sender” method. Most everything else is automatically handled by our anti-spam software.

Here you also have the option of not using the Instant Anti Spam feature. Be sure NOT TO click on this check box.

Challenge Response is turned off by default but you can turn on this feature from here at any time you wish. You can read about the Challenge Response and how it works here.

Spam Detection Level is set to default. You could change its level but best level is determined by the server, leave it to that.


Login to your account and set the anti-spam
option for your e-mail:


Email Address:




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